The cannabis industry in Canada is still at its infancy.

‘What infancy?’ You are wondering. What did drug cartels headed by the likes of Escobar sell then? I mean the legitimate cannabis oil, tincture, and marijuana business as a whole. You know that legitimate business, in the form of Organigram, has besieged Edmonton as cannabis is legal in Canada.

To the medical users in Edmonton, many of them do not know that there is a difference between cannabis oil, Tincture and the vape liquid. I have heard a lot of people around me, in Edmonton, confuse them. I wouldn’t be surprised one bit because many of the cannabis oil companies or CBD oil vendors, call every liquid extract ‘CBD oil or Cannabis oil or maybe Tinctures‘.

Currently, the cannabis industry is like the blind leading the blind. There is hope as long as the likes of Organigram are there to research and set the pace.

I could remember when a medical user in Edmonton walked up to me, and said, ‘I heard you know a lot about cannabis oil, tinctures and liquids. Can I smoke the CBD oil?’

I wanted to ask him to refer to the internet for correction, but then, I realized that part of the internet may be confused too. To that medical user in Edmonton, and other legal users all over the world, ‘This is for you’.


*drops mic*

*picks the mic back up*


I am too dramatic, right?

Enough of the drama, let’s break some myths.

Before I go further to answer the question, let’s do some explaining.

Cannabis oils or CBD oils created by firms like Organigram are intended to be taken orally, especially under the tongue. You are not meant to smoke it. Do not smoke it.

The CBD liquids can be vaporized and inhaled as vapor. Have I answered that young man’s question?


Should I drop my mic? Why are my thoughts resounding out loud? Some of the firms out there are the ones bringing the confusion.

Does that mean we should add the CBD vape liquid to CBD oil?

Any of the products you plan vaping on should be for vaping solely. If it is for oral ingestion, stick to that.

Should I narrate what happened when I decided to experiment and break my rule?

No! That’s a tale for another day.


Even with the distinction among all the CBD extracts, it is to be noted that the liquid or oil are merely carriers for the main CBD. The main CBD, in its isolated and pure state is solid. When it removed from the cannabis itself, it can be mistaken for a salt. For it to be consumed, it has to have a carrier that can be inhaled and easily be broken down and absorbed in the body. Look for what CBD products are offered at Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis.