Cannabis Suppositories


Cannabis Suppositories – The Ultimate Guide

There is an overlooked method of cannabis consumption that is quietly becoming more popular – cannabis suppositories.

When we think of cannabis consumption smoking immediately comes to mind first, which makes sense given how many people inhale cannabis, whether smoking a joint, pipe, or bong. Vaporizers are also a popular way to consume cannabis through inhalation, offering a similar high to smoking but with fewer health risks.

Ingesting cannabis is also a popular choice. From weed brownies to tincture oils, there are countless ways to consume cannabis without needing to burn or vaporize. These methods are often popular among cannabis patients that are using for the first time and want to avoid smoking.

So, when someone mentions suppositories, most people just laugh, but we are here to tell you that cannabis suppositories are no laughing matter. The benefits are convincing, for both men and women! So much so that we’re seeing people across the world make the switch from more traditional medications (and lubricants) to cannabis and cbd versions of suppositories. With so many different variations on the market, THC and CBD suppositories are so diverse. Suppositories can help from everything to enjoying anal sex to easing menstrual pain!


What is a Cannabis Suppository?

Cannabis suppositories are concentrated forms of cannabis that are administered through either the vagina or rectum. They’re much the same as other medical suppositories, providing patients that may struggle to ingest with a way to consume cannabis. Dani Pepper stocks 3 types of suppositories, a THC vaginal suppository, a Cannabis rectal suppository and CBD vaginal suppository for menstrual relief. Dani Pepper’s CBD suppository ships worldwide.The suppository that contains only THC is available exclusive to California.

How Do Suppositories Work?

  • The small, egg-shaped pill is made from the finest organic ingredients, infused with either thc or cbd. 
  • Suppositories can be inserted into the vagina, or rectum with an applicator.
  • You will start experiencing relieving effects after the suppository melts, which is around 20 minutes to an hour after insertion.
  • All you have to do is make sure the suppository is nice and firm before insertion. 
  • Remember that everyone will experience the suppository differently!

Do Cannabis Suppositories Help With Pain?

The short answer is yes. Dr Vahid Salimpour of Apollo Cannabis Clinics often prescribes his patients a combination of CBD and THC to soothe menstrual discomfort for patients that experience pain. Dr Salimpour states that he “personally recommend patients try CBD oil as a proactive approach and a combination of CBD/THC for breakthrough pain management, if needed and accepted by the patient”.


Do Cannabis Suppositories Really Work?

Again, the short answer is yes! You have to try it to believe it!. Staci Gruber, a PhD at the Harvard Medical School is in the process of finding out just that. She’s undergoing an approval process at McLean Hospital that will involve 400 people who experience menstrual pain and other symptoms of menstruation. 

As a matter of fact, using cannabis to treat symptoms of menstruation is nothing new. An article published in the Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics talks about how ancient civilizations in Mesopotamia and India treated menstrual cramps with cannabis! As well as for menstrual pain, thc suppositories work to relive pain associated with sexual intercourse. You can use rectal suppositories such as Dani Pepper as a soothing balm doe local discomfort and inflammation, or to ease and enhance erotic play!

What Are The Different Types of Cannabis Suppositories Available?

There are two main types of cannabis suppositories- vaginal and rectal. Each one has different uses, so women should always consider what they require from the treatment to ensure they choose the right type of suppository.

For example, a variety of women’s health issues are treatable with a vaginal cannabis suppository. From severe menstrual pains to endometriosis to yeast infections, a vaginal cannabis suppository is a viable treatment for many female health problems.

Rectal cannabis suppositories are an effective treatment for both men and women. This includes rectal-related health issues, such as anal fissures, prostate problems, along with general health benefits cannabis offers, such as reduced pain and anxiety, increased comfort, and an improved appetite.


Where Can I Buy Suppositories?

If you want to buy THC/ Cannabis/ Weed/ Pot suppositories, then you’ll find them in sunny California! A CBD alternative is available in all states that cannabis is not legalized. 

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