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Buy Cannabis Suppositories in Los Angeles

Cannabis, THC, Weed, and Pot are all names for marijuana. Marijuana can enter your body in a number of different ways from smoking to eating, and suppositories can be added to that list. THC Suppositories are hot right now in Los Angeles. Cannabis suppositories come in two different types – rectal suppositories and vaginial suppositories. Both have many benefits and can be used from everything to helping with medical conditions and treating menstrual pain!


Cannabis Suppositories in Los Angeles for menstrual relief

Cannabis suppositories can be used for a number of different reasons, one of those is to provide relief during your period. Cannabis suppositories can provide local muscular relaxation and inflammation relief. Discreetly Baked cannabis suppositories are designed you to experience soothing, tension alleviating effects of CBD and THC.

Discreetly Baked have created an all natural formula with only the finest ingredients. This means that Discreetly Baked Cannabis Suppositories are formulated for direct, local relief. They work because the vagina and the rectum can absorb THC and CBD. This allows muscles to relax, which then provides localized relief from discomfort and inflammation.

Discreetly Baked Cannabis Suppositories for menstrual relief are formulated for just that – relief from menstrual cramping and discomfort. When compared with products such as edibles and tinctures, suppositories work much faster which will provide you with relief faster! If don’t believe us, then check out these great reviews! These are real people in Los Angeles that have used THC suppositories for menstrual relief and period pains.

Los Angeles Cannabis Suppositories menstrual relief reviews

  1. Buzzfeed: “Suppositories can be used for menstrual and sexual pain… inserted 30 minutes prior to any sort of sexual activity, it’s helpful for burning and aching”.
  2. Joanne: “Suppositories are much more relaxing than taking Advil, and I love the fact that the product is completely natural. It’s perfect to take before bed, or in the middle of the day!”
  3. Kate: “Suppositories make my cramps feel relieved, they’re great to use when you need to power through a busy day.”
  4. Elizabeth: “I experienced piercing pains in my vaginal canal and the suppositories prevented the pains from worsening!”
  5. Elana: I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting suppositories to work. I’ve had pain for periods for a long time, and I also deal with fibroids. I tried my first suppository and I could not be happier! I even managed to go to the gym, and this is something that never happens when I’m on my period!

Rectal Cannabis Suppositories in Los Angeles

Cannabis suppositories aren’t just for women. Discreetly Baked also create suppositories that can be administered anally for both men and women! These can be used to ease and enhance erotic play, or as a soothing balm for local discomfort and inflammation. The best thing is that they produce little or no psychotic effects!

Rectal suppositories work quickly for THC to enter the bloodstream, and they also diminish the effect of a head high!

Check out these great reviews on rectal suppositories in Los Angeles today!

Los Angeles Cannabis Rectal Suppository Reviews

  1. Amanda: “The suppository was easy to slide in and the experience of anal sex and solo play was much less painful than usual.”
  2. Farrah: “Two years after a hysterectomy I didn’t think I could ever enjoy sex again but the Discreetly Baked suppository helped me experience an orgasm again!
  3. Shylah: “I suffer from gastrointestinal problems and ibs discomfort, I used the suppository and it helped to ease my pain, I will definitely be buying this product again!

How to use Cannabis Suppositories in Los Angeles

  1. Once you go to your Los Angeles local dispensary make sure to store the suppository in your fridge. This helps them stay firm.
  2. Discreetly Baked stock two types of suppository, one is rectal formulated for pelvic pain, relaxation and exploration. Another is a vaginal suppository that helps with menstrual cramps and other types of vaginial pain.
  3. When you’re ready to use it, insert a single capsule and wait for the suppository to take effect.

Where to buy THC Suppositories in Los Angeles

You can buy cannabis suppositories at a dispensary near you in Los Angeles!

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