Cannabis Suppositories in Anaheim

Buy Cannabis Suppositories in Anaheim California

A great way to relieve menstrual pain or maybe give you a little boost when things get kinky is through a suppository. Yes you read that correctly, suppositories have been used medicinally for centuries and they’ve been recommended by herbalists and naturopaths! Suppositories are underutilized due to a lack of familiarity and comfort with their application method. Dani Pepper stocks two types, one for rectal insertion and another for vaginal insertion.

Suppositories are hot right now in Anaheim, Dani Pepper suppositories are easy to use, they dissolve and release the content making absorption faster and more effective. Vaginal suppositories help with specific situations like menstrual pain, a cannabis suppository is designed to reduce pain!

As well as reducing pain, Dani Pepper rectal suppositories can help with anal sex. They’re lubricated which means that they can ease and enhance erotic play. They will help you relax and are great for local discomfort and inflammation.

THC Suppositories and Anal Sex in Anaheim

buy cannabis suppositories in anaheim

Dani Pepper suppositories help your muscles relax. They’re great for men and women, and as well as acting as a lubricant, they will provide powerful relief for issues such as irritation and discomfort. They contain 30mg of THC and 20mg of CBD in 100% fair trade organic cocoa butter. They’re independent tested and they’re even said to make anal sex better than ever!

Relieve menstrual pain with Cannabis Suppositories in Anaheim

Dani Pepper Relief Suppositories have been specially designed for relief from menstrual and pelvic discomfort. You’ll be delivered with full spectrum cannabis directly to the area that needs it the most, typically with no psychoactive effects. Relief suppositories contain 60mg THC and 10mg CBD.

If you’re suffering from severe cramps then using a weed suppository could help give you relief! Remember Dani Pepper suppositories are 100% organic, and they’re independently tested which means that they’re a great alternative to the chemicals found in painkillers!

How to use Cannabis Suppositories in Anaheim California

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly.
  2. Take the suppository out of the packaging just before use.
  3. Pro tip, to keep the suppository firm, place it in the fridge or a freezer.
  4. Next step is to insert the suppository in the desired area.

Where to buy Dani Pepper Suppositories in Anaheim California

Dani Pepper Suppositories can be bought from your local dispensary! Just go to a licensed dispensary and ask for Dani Pepper products!

You can learn more about the city of Anaheim here! Remember, Dani Pepper products are legal and avaliable at dispensaries across California! If you to check out more great cannabis products then you can find them on Budderweeds! You can find everything from marijuana to edibles!

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