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Did you know that cannabis can also be taken in the form of suppositories via the rectum and vagina? In both cases, the effects are faster and stronger than with other forms of consumption. Rectal administration is usually prescribed for gastrointestinal problems so that the cannabinoids are not digested in the stomach.

However, people also take cannabis suppositories just before anal sex! This is because it can act as a relaxant of the muscles there, and also make it more lubricated. This makes anal sex much easier. And since it also stimulates the body, it can also make anal sex more pleasurable.

Meanwhile, the vaginal suppository was designed to relieve menstrual cramps before or at the onset of pain. This kind of marijuana capsule-shaped product that is inserted directly into the vagina to deliver its powerful relief. This is a great solution for many women who do not get out of bed during sensitive days, in a condition that is often accompanied by weight gain, flatulence and mood swings.

Cannabis Suppositories For Sex In Bakersfield California

What if we told you that using marijuana could enhance your orgasms, increase your libido and increase your feelings of pleasure?

Maybe you would answer that combining cannabis and sex is a very old, common practice. After joint sexual intercourse is more fun and interesting. This is nothing new. There is also another way that you can use cannabis for sex, and this is through anal suppositories.

Cannabis anal suppositories can help you have anal sex because it can make your muscles relax. This makes insertion into the anus much easier and smoother. Plus, cannabis is a known aphrodisiac, so it can enhance the sexual pleasure that you will be feeling from having anal sex. Many couples, both men and women, take an anal suppository just before having sex to heighten their pleasure.

You may be a bit hesitant about using anal suppositories for sex. Of course, you would be right. However, if we add that certain extracts of cannabinoids work as powerful aphrodisiacs, or that some lubricants based on THC prolong orgasms up to 15 minutes! Then perhaps this article could revive a decayed relationship or at least make many couples happier.

Cannabis Suppositories For Menstrual Relief In Bakersfield California

Many women are struggling with painful symptoms during their menstruation. Where also hot water bottles, sports, and chamomile tea do not want to help, according to some studies, the use of cannabis may be the key to a pain-free period. Several studies have come to the conclusion that medicinal cannabis is very helpful in relieving menstrual pain. Marijuana was already used in the 17th century against menstrual cramps.

At that time, it was administered to women in the form of a cannabis-based syrup, to combat conditions of nervous hysteria and convulsions. So there has already been a long history of the use of cannabis to help with menstrual cramp pains. So during modern times, products such as vaginal cannabis suppositories have been developed.

This vaginal suppository contains only three ingredients: organic cocoa butter, THC and CBD oil. While THC acts as a pain-killer, CBD has anti-inflammatory and anticonvulsant properties to treat muscle spasms that can occur during ovulation. It also slows down the impulses of the muscles so that they relax and reduce the cramping and pain.

How to use Cannabis Suppositories in Bakersfield

These are some tips to apply anal or vaginal suppositories.

  1. Cool in the refrigerator before use.
  2. Maintain good hygiene, wash hands before and after use.
  3. To remove the suppository from the package, tear off the plastic cover on the long side from the notch on one side of the cover.
  4. Insert the suppository in the required area

Where to Buy Cannabis Suppositories in Bakersfield, California

You can buy Cannabis suppositories from your local dispensary in Bakersfield. Just ask for Dani Pepper products when you get there!


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