The legalization of marijuana in Canada implies a lot of changes are happening, and perhaps the biggest change yet involves the company Starseed Medicinal and cannabis oil or shatter.

Starseed Medicinal is a company known for producing and providing medicinal marijuana. However, they have decided to supply Alberta Cannabis now, with high-quality weed products like cannabis oil, marijuana flowers and more. Providing this to all the major cities (Calgary, Toronto, Montreal and more).

Now, like we just said, Starseed Medicinal will provide Alberta Cannabis with various recreational marijuana products. However, the one that has caught everyone’s attention is nothing less than cannabis oil.

But, what really is cannabis oil?

There is a reason why there are so many different types of marijuana products: Because they all have different uses or effects on people. Shatter, cannabis oil, weed flowers… They all cause different effects on people.

For those who are looking to consume marijuana but don’t necessarily want to smoke, they can always go for cannabis oil and get other types of benefits, while still having the same feeling.

Cannabis oil (or shatter, if you feel like consuming that type of oil) will soon be available in all the big cities like Calgary. Which why it is so important for you to know what this type of marijuana really is.

You see, cannabis oil comes from the marijuana leaf, however, its components are drastically different, which is why they cause a different effect on people than smoking regular marijuana does.

Multiple uses and effects of cannabis oil.

We are certain with the legalization of marijuana cities like Calgary, Montreal and more will become a huge part of this market. And cannabis oil will definitely be present.

Cannabis oils in all of its presentations, including shatter as well, is used for multiple purposes. Most of them related to relaxing and calming someone. Which is why they’re mostly used to calm nerves and lower anxiety levels.

Between the many uses of cannabis oil, it’s used to induce sleep and relax people. You see, the THC component in the oil allows it to be able to actually decrease your stress levels in a matter of minutes.

People also use it as a way to boost their appetite. It is a well-known cannabis, especially cannabis oils (including shatter) tend to raise up your appetite almost immediately.

Last, but definitely not least, cannabis oil and concentrated oils like shatter are also used to reduce pain, since they do have pain reliever qualities that can ease most physical pains someone might be suffering. Look for cannabis concentrates at Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis.