With so many exciting things happening all at once, Starseed Medicinal becoming a provider for Alberta Cannabis, and the legalization of weed in Edmonton (and all of Canada), it is time to talk about cannabis oil and hash.

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You see, there are many different weed products that are available for sale now that legalization has arrived. However, some weed products (like cannabis oil) are already legal to sell, under some conditions.

Keeping that in mind, and to understand better how Canada and its major cities (Edmonton, Calgary, Quebec, Montreal) have prepared for legalization, and how Starseed Medicinal being involved will affect everything, let’s talk a bit about two of the most popular weed products: Cannabis oil and Hash.

History of Cannabis Oil.

Weed has been around for many, many years now. It was actually first discovered and cultivated in various places of the Asian Continent, but it wasn’t until centuries later when weed actually became extremely popular, and regulations came in.

Of course, the fact that nowadays weed is legal across Canada is a huge deal. But it wasn’t always like this, at all.

Much like the regular cannabis leaf, cannabis oil and its history date from years ago. However, cannabis oil was quickly recognized for its medicinal benefits, and people started to consume it to treat their pains.

Cannabis oil is an extract from the cannabis flower, however, every compound that it’s found within this oil has a specific benefit that makes it extremely useful to treat a lot of types of physical pain.

That’s why this type of weed product, unlike many others, was, in fact, already regulated and legal to consume in Edmonton, Ontario, Ottawa, Montreal and many other cities across Canada. But now, it is legal to consume it for recreational purposes as well!

What is Hash?

Now that we’ve talked about cannabis oil, let’s take a second to talk about Hash and the part that it will play during this new weed market set to sail once it becomes legal.

Hash is both a marijuana product, and a part of the plant itself. You see, the marijuana leaf has a rough side and a much softer one, and it’s when one detaches itself from the other than the Hash appears.

The hash or hashish became extremely popular many years ago, back in the 80’s, and it has been like that ever since. Nowadays, hash is legal in the U.S, but not in Canada (at least, until the legalization of hash finally happens).

As to how you can consume it, you don’t smoke it (like you would normally do with the marijuana flower) but rather, you either eat it or take it along with a beverage. Basically, it’s consumed orally, like you would do with cannabis oil.

Why is all of this important?

You might not see a correlation between cannabis oil, hash and the legalization of marijuana just yet, but there is. Which is why our company, BW, is preparing to be able to supply and sell top weed related products within Canada, much like Starseed Medicinal is doing.

As a matter of fact, you will be able to find both Starseed Medicinal and our products available in all of the private stores run by Alberta Cannabis, in cities like Edmonton, Calgary and so many others. And of course, before you buy anything, you need to know what everything is, and what it is good for! Check out your options at Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis.