Cannabis oil and tinctures are made from one plant that has a lot of health benefits to users all over the world, especially those living in Calgary. Organigram, after researching for years into marijuana, and its concentrates like tinctures and cannabis oil have discovered their numerous benefits.

It has a lot of variance. It can be dried, wrapped and smoked or its concentrates can be used by those not comfortable with puffing smoke.


This Cannabis tincture, what is it?

Cannabis tincture is easy to make. All you have do is get the best strain of Marijuana leaves from Organigram, and soak it in liquor. Viola, you are now a mad scientist living in Calgary. If you are not game with the DIY method, Organigram has a lot of tinctures, as well as cannabis oil of different flavours.

This cannabis form has been used for long years in America to treat ailments before modern medicine evolved.

The US was once the home of different forms of cannabis medicines until it was banned. Though it may have been nicknamed by some as, ‘golden dragon’, Organigram has created different variations for those who are taking their first steps into marijuana usage, and those who want a stronger vibe.


The Right Dosage For Your Cannabis Tincture

Getting the right dosage for your home made tincture made from hard liquor and cannabis sourced in Calgary, is needed. For those opting for the Organigram‘s tinctures, the dosage is written on the package. The dosage of your Tincture can easily be measured. If you are not a regular user of Cannabis, but you want to try it in Calgary, it is important to keep track of your doses.

You are hanging out with your friends, regular Cannabis users, and you see them taking large doses. You are just starting your voyage to the wonderful world of tinctures, it is important you start with smaller dosages before working up.

If your tincture has more THC, 2mg is advisable, but if it is CBD, 5mg is a better option.

When taking Tincture for the first time, you may feel a bit dizzy, but after taking it for up to two weeks, your body will adapt. Then, your body cells would be able to take in the cannabinoids easily because of their increase in receptors.

It’s advisable, even by us, to wait for two weeks before you increase your dosage.

Our tinctures can last for long years as long as they are stored in the air-tight container they come in. For your homemade tinctures, keep the liquid in a tinted container and cool place.

Making the Tincture is easy. Soak the cannabis grounded to powder in grain alcohol like ethanol. Viola, you have created a magical creature.

The only issue you may encounter with the DIY Tincture, is having the variations of tinctures that Organigram offers, especially if you are one that loves to experiment.

If the tinctures are not for you, our wide range of cannabis oils with different flavours will leave you fully satisfied. Check out Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis today!