Understanding how cannabis oils work, what they are, what are tinctures and how all of these products will raise up again now that marijuana is finally legal in Edmonton, Calgary, Quebec and all of Canada, can be a quite tricky. Especially for someone who is new to this world.

But, before talking about cannabis oil and the different tinctures, let’s talk a little bit more about Starseed Medicinal and their huge impact in the marijuana market that has emerged.

Starseed Medicinal is well known for being a company that distributes, as their names states it, medicinal marijuana. However, they have signed an agreement with Alberta Cannabis to become a principal provider, meaning you’ll find their products in all the big cities like Calgary, Edmonton and more.

This means you will get to see and be able to get Starseed Medicinal weed products (like cannabis oil) in the best, private stores run by Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis, along with our products, of course.

Being a company that was completely confused in only delivering the very best medicinal marijuana products, the fact that they will be a solid part of the recreational marijuana world is both shocking yet extremely exciting.

Cannabis oil and their important role in this legalization.

Now that the legalization of marijuana is here, chances are you will be seeing more and more weed products all around, however, if you had to choose one, you should always pick cannabis oil.

You see, this oil comes straight from the marijuana leaf, and it is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to consume marijuana for those who are just starting into this world.

Consuming cannabis oil is actually quite easy, and since you will be able to find it in whichever city you live inside Canada (Edmonton, Toronto, Calgary…) you need to know just how exactly it works.

Consuming it is quite easy. Cannabis oil looks a lot like a medicine and you can ingest them by drops. It’s quick, it’s easy, and the best thing is, it actually gets the job done.

However, before you start trying it, make completely sure you know the difference between the different tinctures, what they are and why you should consume one or the other.

Different tinctures, different effects.

A lot of people tend to confuse cannabis oil with tinctures, and although they might be similar, they aren’t completely the same. When we talk about tinctures, we are referring to an oil-like liquid that’s made with a high percentage of alcohol in order to extract cannabinoids like THC and CBD.

Both THC and CBD are, in fact, tinctures, and they are consumed orally for a better, most precise doses. However, they are two completely different kinds of tinctures.

The THC tincture comes from the THC compound found in the marijuana flower, and it’s the most famous one amongst them for one great reason: It’s the strongest psychoactive compound.

On the other hand, the CBD compound, although famous, doesn’t produce this “high” effect like the THC does. On the contrary, the CBD it’s used or consumed to treat a great number of physical conditions.


The reason why we are telling you this is because cannabis oils and tinctures will play an important part of the marijuana market now that legalization is upon us.

You will be able to find these products (and ours!) in the private run stores by Alberta Cannabis in all the big cities (Ontario, Ottawa, Edmonton), along with the products of Starseed Medicinal, of course!