It’s no longer news that Canada has legalized marijuana, and a lot of us are excited, especially those of us at Organigram. Calgary residents can smile finally as the finest marijuana concentrates like Cannabis Oil, Shatter and Wax will soon be legal to use (some stronger concentrates will not be legal until 2019), and at their doorsteps complimentary of we, at Organigram.

Many people think marijuana can only be wrapped, and smoked, but marijuana is one wonderful gift to mankind, and Canada is just catching up.

Have you heard of Marijuana concentrates? Do you know that there are some extracts like Cannabis oil, shatter, wax, errl, dabs and live resin?

Your consumption of Marijuana should not start and end in rolling and smoking the dried leaves. You can now add spice to your life by using Organigram Cannabis concentrates, especially if you live in Calgary. All the concentrates, no matter what they are called, have cannabinoids like CBD and THC. Cannabis concentrates are loved by a lot of Canadians, as their prices vary based on their potency, quality, location, and consistency.

Though Cannabis oil, Shatter, wax and other concentrates may vary in consistency and their textures, Organigram make these concentrates in somewhat similar process.

We are transparent on the percent of our concentrates, the method we use to make them, and our Calgary clients can be sure that we offer solely the best.

Enough of that, let’s discuss the major concentrates a lot of Marijuana lovers enjoy.



When you read the word, ‘shatter’, what came to your mind? For marijuana enthusiasts, it is a concentrate, but for others, it may mean something else.

When we, at Organigram, see the shatter concentrate we have created, it reminds us of honey.

The shatter comes in different hues, and transparencies.

The shatter is amoebic in nature because at one time, it is like the thick honey when warm, but when cold, it is like glass. You remember when I said those who are not marijuana enthusiasts may see shatter as something else, I guess they are right.

When this concentrate is cold, and it falls, it shatters like glass.


To get the ultimate high from both shatter and cannabis oil, you can use the rig, then a blow torch to heat the rig. Though there are many other ways to enjoy the concentrates, an oil rig is one method used by many to vaporize shatter.


If you don’t want to use the Shatter, you can opt for a thicker, and more opaque concentrate, which is reminiscent of  beeswax. This cannabis wax can vary from the candle wax-like texture to thick liquid.

What if you want more spice to your life? What can you opt for? The cannabis oil is a sticky and thick resinous liquid. It is made from cannabinoids like THC and BTC.

The medical community is in love with this concentrate because it is known to treat cancer, anxiety, epilepsy and others.


Cannabis concentrates are special gifts from Mother Earth, why reject them? Look for cannabis concentrates at Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis.