Cannabis Lube in Los Angeles


Cannabis Infused Lube: Los Angeles

The City of Angels is renowned for its world-class restaurants, unique sites, and fabulous events. Discovering the city couldn’t get any better unless you found the right partner in crime. Whether you’re an Angeleno or just passing through, Los Angeles can have you feeling a certain type of way.

Every angel has a naughty side, and LA is just the town to let your inhibitions go, and your desire take hold. Explore the city; explore your sexuality. Now’s the perfect time to try Dani Pepper’s cannabis lube.

While many women can produce their own lubrication, some may need assistance and lube can provide perfect relief. But even if you don’t need assistance, everyone can enhance their sexual experience with weed lube. Whether you’re feeling dry, playing with toys, exploring butt play, or simply want to experience the joy of THC lube, get friendly with Dani Pepper.

Buy THC Lube in Los Angeles for your first time

He said he was tall. Please be taller than me. I hate this part. I should get back on Tinder while I wait…Left. Left Left. Left. Right! Wait, is that him? He looks a lot cuter than his profile. God, that smile. He smells great, and I’m loving his arms in that shirt. I’m so glad I went with this dress…

What a first date! I loved that he took me to Adults Only. The cocktails were amazing. Am I tipsy or horny?! I don’t know, should I invite him up…

Whether it’s the perfect first date at a secret speakeasy or your fifth date taking in the gorgeous city skyline at OUE Skyspace LA, a magical night can turn into something more.  Make the most of your first time with Dani Pepper Amorous Cannabis-Infused Lube.

This THC Lube is made specifically for women to enhance pleasure. Get earth-shaking orgasms with increased tactile sensations and lubrication. It may be your first time, but it sure won’t be the last time with Dani Pepper.


Buy Cannabis Lube for your anniversary 

It’s been 13 years, and this man still surprises me. The Malibu Wine Safari was a fun little getaway that I really needed. That giraffe was so sweet! I can’t wait to get home, and he sees what I picked up at Agent Provocateur. Damn this 405. As soon as we get back, this dress hits the floor and I’m gonna…

Anniversaries are a tricky thing. First, they have to be remembered. Then they need the right amount of relaxation and romance. Punctuate the night with Cannabis lube.

Dani Pepper Amorous Cannabis-Infused Lube is sourced from sun-grown cannabis and is cultivated to organic standards. What’s more, this cannabis lube is independently-tested for purity.


Shop Weed Lube: Perfect for a One Night Stand in L.A

I can’t believe we’re on the rooftop at the Standard. Is that…wasn’t she on that show? I think I spent too much at the Grove, but it was so cool to see Kygo. And, oh my God, the Garlic Roasted Crab at Crustacean was unbelievable. Thank goodness we got to squeeze in the Griffith Observatory tonight. There’s just so much to do here, we’re definitely coming back. But, I gotta be honest, I’m so excited to have hotel sex. I’ve been looking forward to this for months. I’m happy I brought my toys and that we bought this weed lube. As soon as we get back into our room, I’m gonna..

Whether you’re just passing through or need a staycation, there’s so much to see and do in LA. The sights. The sounds. The bedroom! You can really let loose when you’re in the city.

No visit to LA should be without Dani Pepper Amorous Cannabis-Infused Lube. This oil-based lube can even be used in the water and is safe for use with most toy materials. One night in LA means many nights with Dani Pepper.


Foria Please or Dani Pepper? Discover Los Angeles’ favorite thc infused lube!

See and be seen in the City of Angels. From secret speakeasies to the city skyline, LA is the place to play — in more ways than one. Enjoy your first time, celebrate your anniversary, or let out your wild side. Get the most heavenly experience with Dani Pepper Orgasm Cannabis-Infused Lube. It’s the city’s favorite THC Lube – so why try Foria when you can try the city’s favorite? 

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