Despite recreational legalization coming into effect in October 2018, various cannabis products remain illegal, most notable edibles.

Cannabis edibles are foods and drinks infused with cannabis, resulting in high THC content that get you seriously high whenever eaten. Edibles have quite a reputation in recent years, with countless horror stories about people eating far too much and not being able to handle the subsequent high.

However, while edibles are certainly potent, these situations tend to come from a lack of understanding about how edibles work.

Because they take longer to hit you – usually between an hour or two – many people eat too much at once and are subsequently too high to function. The high is also different compared to smoking or vaping People report it being a lot more psychoactive, with a psychedelic-like head high that often overwhelms.

Edibles aren’t all bad of course. They offer a healthy way to consume cannabis (sugary content aside) as they aren’t smoked like dried cannabis flower. The high is also very enjoyable once you know what to expect, while the effects last much longer, so it’s generally a more cost-effective way to get high.

Thankfully, Canadians have a chance to see this all for themselves in 2019 when edibles become legal for recreational use. It’s been touted as the second wave of legalization and cannabis brands around the country are already preparing for its arrival.

Many renowned food and drink companies have partnered with Canadian cannabis companies to develop new types of edibles. So what type of edibles can we expect to see come legalization in 2019? Nobody can say for sure, but here are some edible cannabis products we’d love to try next year!


This one is more than likely to happen, with gummies being one of the most popular types of edibles in the United States. These soft chewy candies are available in countless flavours, typically fruit-inspired, while sugary and sour coatings add even more tastiness to these weed treats.

Of course, the big attraction of gummies for many is how potent they can be. THC content ranges from just a few milligrams to several hundred, so we can expect some seriously strong edibles come legalization.

Baked Goods

Weed brownies were the edibles before edibles where even a thing. Something about baking chocolatey brownies and packing it with weed is very appealing, while the amazing flavour is an obvious selling point.

When edibles become legal in Canada, we fully expect a wide range of baked goods infused with cannabis. Brownies will be the go-to for vintage stoners, but with cookies, cakes, muffins, and many other types of baked edibles arriving next year, we’ll struggle to keep the calories down with so many tasty offerings!


Edibles aren’t just foods – they include drinks too! Canada could be the making of cannabis infused beverages however, as it’s a product that is mostly untested, yet when legalization arrives there is going to be a massive market to cater to.

Cannabis beverages could be the next big thing. Rather than smoking or vaping, you can simply enjoy a refreshing beverage that happens to get you high. There’s no limit to types of drinks either, with canna drinks like smoothies, sodas, beers, wines, and spirits all likely to arrive next year.