Cannabis Edibles and Drinks

A variety of cannabis-infused edibles and drinks


Cannabis edibles and drinks

Infused edibles and drinks are the most convenient and discreet way to experience cannabis. The legalization of cannabis has encouraged people to create their own product and the growing popularity has resulted in great creativity plus new methods of preparation.

These days the cannabis is used in making therapeutically and versatile edible products both in food and in drinks.

Most of the cannabis edibles are prepared with oil-based cannabis infusion while the cannabis drinks are made from water-soluble THC such as Sorse.

When you eat or drink cannabis, the effect is different from when you vaporize or smoke it. Cannabinoids are ingested through eating or drinking once activated. They go through the digestive tract and to the liver for even further processing, unlike sublingual or inhalation consumption where the compounds enter into the blood-brain barrier almost immediately.

Edibles undergo digestive processing where the liver converts the THC into a more potent version. This is the reason why the edible’s effects are longer lasting and have more heightened intensity. Interestingly a study in Colorado analyzed samples of marijuana and the potency is higher than ever and the THC content has risen while cannabidiol (CBD) has declined.

Just in case you’re wondering, edible/drinkable cannabis is safer for your lungs, unlike smoking. If you are to consume the cannabis in edible/drinkable form, you should know the difference in effect.

When given in the correct dose, cannabis drinkables and edibles can be an ideal product for consumers, especially for medical reasons and purposes.


Difference between smoking cannabis from cannabis edible and drinks

  1. If you eat or drink the cannabis, it will take longer for the active ingredients to get absorbed into your system. It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours after ingestion for the effects to start taking place. Within that duration, you might think that cannabis is not working which might result in overconsumption.
  2. The effects last for longer- bearing in mind that the effects can start to be felt as from 2 hours, drinking or eating cannabis can result in a whole day affair. In that case, it’s important to plan your day ahead, avoid driving or have a designated driver as the cannabis can make you less coordinated and impair your judgment.
  3. Dosing can be quite hard with edibles/drinks- currently, in Canada, there is no standard dose of the cannabis, therefore it important to start low and keep going slow on the consumption. It’s also important that you refrain from mixing edible/drink cannabis with alcohol or drugs.


Advantages of cannabis edibles and drinks

  • Long-lasting and potent effects
  • Discreet and smoke-free
  • A wide variety of flavours
  • Great range of potential effects


Cannabis edibles and drinks disadvantages

  • You can easily underestimate or overestimate dosage
  • Some products are likely to have high sugar content
  • Generally easy to over-consume as the effects take time
  • Most of the edibles (both food and drinks) contain a significant amount of THC which may induce a range of effects like increased appetite, anxiety, fatigue or incoordination.


Will cannabis-infused alcohol be next?


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