It is of common belief that senior citizens should not smoke or take any form of drugs as they are already on high levels of prescribed medicinal drugs. Seniors are not aware of the fact that cannabis could actually improve the quality of their life because of the positive effects it can create for them. Due to CBD being a natural extract from cannabis plant, seniors can actually gain advantages by taking it in the form of body injections, rather than smoking it. It is said that CBD should be made a compulsory part of every senior’s health cycle as they age gradually. Some notable advantages are as follows.

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As a Pain Killer

Cannabis is known to be a great and effective pain killer of the same magnitude as that of any medicine. Clinical studies have suggested that Marijuana is actually very effective for relieving nerve pain and even muscle and joint pains if used in the form of creams.

Improves bone strength

Marijuana increases the bone strength and enhances its health to avoid bone fragility at old age. Studies conclude that cannabis actually promotes fracture healing because of its anti-inflammatory characteristics and can also help patients with sclerosis.

For relaxation

Cannabis is famous for its soothing effect but along with this, it also creates a certain pang of energy against any laziness that can occur. This is mainly because of the CBD that strengthens the cell in the human body to speed up the regeneration of cells. Another reason is of CBD being an antioxidant, which creates an awakened and refreshed feeling.

Promotes Better Sleep

For older people, it becomes difficult to sleep and complete their necessary period of sleep. Sleep regenerated our brain and sets it free from any toxicity that the body might create itself. For senior citizens, sleeping pills are prescribed for a healthy period of sleep although it does have a wide range of side effects. Now, cannabis can actually help to extend the deep sleeping period which helps the elderly to complete their required quota of sleep without any disturbance.

Non addictive and Safer than Medicines

Medicines are quite dangerous when it comes to their side effects, which include organ damage, tissue damage etc. Contrary to this, Cannabis is a safe alternative to medicines because it has lesser side effects. CBD in fact has been used to combat addiction to prescription drugs. People can easily break free the habit of consuming marijuana whenever they wish. This abrupt stopping of cannabis intake will not harm the individual in any way similar to that of sudden withdrawal of tobacco or alcohol.

Stimulates Hunger

The most common trait in senior individuals is the apparent loss of appetite as they grow old. This causes fatigue, weight loss and even mental issues. Marijuana has been tested to improve the appetite of consumers, so for seniors, it is indeed a great way to enhance their appetite and improve their health.