If you live in Calgary and use cannabis, you may have heard of Inner Spirit. It’s a deep-rooted and established company in the cannabis industry and some may think it’s the best. We on the other hand disagree. Even though we have a bias, in this post we aim to show with tangible evidence that we are better.

Inner Spirit Cannabis

But First, About Inner Spirit

Before we dive into which is better, let’s shed some light on both companies: Inner Spirit and Budderweeds.

Our competitor has been established in April 2014 and has been quite the grower. They are innovative, the first cannabis company to have publicly traded stock, and more. A few of their achievements are alone compelling reasons that they are a quality company.

But there are many flaws to the company, and where they falter, ours thrives. For example, Inner Spirit targets patients and doctors with their product. We offer to users for recreational purposes rather than medical. But because of that difference, if you are in Calgary, cannabis isn’t readily available. That is, if you are a recreational user.

About Budderweeds

There are some other big differences and that boils down to who we serve. Because our targets are widely different, where we excel is different. This makes us better as we are more suitable to serve the general public.

The reason is the fact that here at Budderweeds we excel in creating a wide variety of cannabis products. These products being hand selected and designed specifically for these users. Some examples of these products are strains of craft grown flowers, potent extracts, vaporizer pens and candies too.

Cannabis Flower & Cannabis Oil

But one of the biggest one-ups we have over Inner Spirit, is the Marijuana and cannabis oil. Indeed our products are drastically different, but the Marijuana and cannabis oil blow the differences apart.

The big reason is the fact that if you ever have a hankering to make cannabis related foodstuff, these products save you. Well, they save your stash and the extra time to prepare it.

Even with that, the quality of Marijuana and cannabis oil is second to none. It is the best and our users love it. Part of that is the delivery process, but also the sheer quality of the product as well. No matter if you live in Calgary or somewhere else, we deliver discretely and effectively.

As for which one is the best, it depends on the user. We do not supply medicinal cannabis. That being said, the products that we offer are premium grade and are fitting for any user. From the first-time user to stoners and recreational users, our products are ideal. We are happy to offer users between the age of 20 and 60 and it’s clear our customers love our products. Check out Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis online today!