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THC Suppositories are hot right now in Riverside. They have multiple uses, they make sex easy, provide intimacy and help with pain relief! Dani Pepper provides all natural products that are great are great alternatives to harmful conventional medicines and applications. There are two types of suppositories available, vaginal and rectal. Vaginal suppositories help with pain relief during menstruation, whilst Dani Pepper rectal suppositories can be used to provide localized pain relief! Learn more about the different types of suppositories that you can buy in Riverside!

Cannabis Suppositories for Anal Sex in Riverside, California

Dani Pepper suppositories are lubricated and can be used to enhance erotic play. They can also be used to ease local discomfort and inflammation associated with anal sex. Poppers, made of amyl nitrate are regularly used for anal sex in Riverside, but if you use poppers you have an increased risk of HIV. Unlike other drugs, THC suppositories are extremely safe! So go to a dispensary in Riverside California and ask for Dani Pepper Arousal Cannabis Suppositories. However, they’re not just for sex. Dani Pepper also have a range of suppositories that are suited for menstrual relief!

Suppositories Riverside California

Cannabis Suppositories for menstrual relief in Riverside

Cannabis vaginal suppositories are made from all-natural ingredients: organic cocoa butter, carbon dioxide extracted from cannabis oil and CBD Isolate, one of the main components of the plant. Specifically, each suppository is composed of THC and cannabidiol. This is a guaranteed safe and natural way to help women with the period pain that they may regularly face, this is because of the way that cannabis products work, there is no virtually no risk of toxicity, unlike other traditional analgesics.

The suppositories, totally respectful with the PH of such a sensitive area, would be inserted in the vaginal cavity, and it would take between only several minutes of waiting to take effect, time after which its components are in charge of relaxing the muscles and alleviating the pelvic pain. The capsules are compatible with the use of feminine hygiene items such as tampons, making it safe and easy to use.

This new alternative medicine promises to end the pains that cause so much suffering to women around the world. We know that cannabis helps relieve pain. We see many patients with painful menstrual cycles. It’s a great way to help them with menstrual pain through the use of a simple product.

How to use cannabis suppositories in Riverside

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly.
  2. Take the suppository out of the packaging just before use.
  3. Pro tip, to keep the suppisitory firm, place it in the fridge or a freezer.
  4. Next step is to insert the suppisitory in the desired area.

Where to by cannabis suppositories in Riverside California

You can buy cannabis suppositories at your local dispensary in Riverside! Take a look at the map below!

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