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The bro culture may have just been born in Corona. This city isn’t just about bumping chests and playing video games. They go all-in with dirt bikes, lifted trucks…you name it.

You wouldn’t expect anything different from the city that hosts Monster Energy drinks. Corona is all about hype. But they also have activities for the non-adrenaline chasing bunch. Parks, restaurants, hotels… you can never run out of places to explore in Corona. But while an energy drink can give you the power to hump away all night, Dani Pepper weed lube will give you the stamina.

Just because you’re aroused doesn’t mean you’re ready for sex. You can be turned on and not lubricated. Likewise, you can be lubricated and not turned on. So how do you get your two personalities to meet in the middle? Dani Pepper, that’s how. With this cannabis lube, your vaginal nerves will be more sensitive so you can feel aroused quicker, get to orgasms faster, and enjoy the pleasure longer.

Shop Marijuana Lube for your Partner in Corona

We bought some liquor from The Toated Barrel and had a nice night at home. The kids were at my aunt’s. Finally! Some alone time. How long has it been? I can’t even remember. We didn’t feel like going out, so we canceled the reservation at Club 80’s Bar and Grill. Tonight is not just about sleeping. I really wanna get some. Honestly…I am starting to question whether I am really married at all.

When using THC lube, you can’t describe the feeling as a head high. Neither is it a body high. In fact, it’s not so much a high as it is a pleasure concentrated on your vagina. And you know how it is with women and sex; the feels run throughout the body.

Only women can feel the full effect of Dani Pepper. Men are literally there for the ride (aren’t they always?) Its about time a sexual product focused on the needs of women. Dani Pepper weed lube is the messiah you girls have been waiting for. And wow, what a wait!

Shop Cannabis Lube for your One Night Stand in Corona

Shopping at Cajalco. Dress…shoes…some cute coffee mugs I am gonna check out but not buy. Ooh, Barnes & Noble Booksellers. How random is this? I strike a conversation with this guy and he happens to be a chef at the Wood Ranch? He invited me to his restaurant for a special meal. Special…what could it be? Well, I am just gonna have to wait and see.

It was special. Smoked brisket. Delicious. Juicy. The whole package. Like him. Tall, dark, and handsome. Straight from a book description. His shift is up. So we take a cab to SpringHill Suites and order a few drinks. We get to talking. He’s funny. But I don’t want to talk though. C’mon chef… do it like you do and serve me already.

You will be laughing and crying during sex. Might even freak your partner out a little. But you go girl! Dani Pepper marijuana lube is the cure to your stale orgasms. You will laugh from euphoria, and cry from joy. With THC lube, it’s like you’ll unlock another level of your sexuality you never knew was there.

Buy Weed Lube for your First Time in Corona

Corona has just been calling to me all these years. I can finally check the Skull Canyon Zipline off my bucket list. What a rush!  I’ve never ridden a horse before…he says Tom’s Farms is good. So let’s go check it out then. I am open to adventure today. I am high on this energy and we might just pass by the Mike Raahauge Shooting Experience later. He seems to be handling my streak well so far. Most guys I go out with ditch within the first hour because of my loudness. He’s laid back, but he doesn’t mind that I like to take the lead. 

I downed an entire plate later at the Luna Mexican Kitchen. I’ve already planned for tomorrow at the Pole Position Raceway…and then the…wait, what about tonight? He booked the Best Western hotel, and we walk to our room for the first time. Our room. Ballsy, booking one room for the first date. I guess we both knew how this was going to end.

You’ll still be trying to catch your breath minutes after you’ve finished. Okay, if we’re being completely honest, that part depends on your partner. Do they know what you want? Do they know how to satisfy you? If not, go solo. Get off on your own and complement your toy with some Dani Pepper cannabis lube. Explore your body and get explosive orgasms. You deserve it.

Foria, Velvet Swing, or Dani Pepper: Corona’s Favorite THC Lube

The lemon capital of the world has not lost its groove. Why lemon you ask. Well, science says its because of its ideal growing conditions. But who cares! Are you with your partner in Corona? Is it your first time in the city or did you just land a fine one-night stand? Again, doesn’t matter. If they have the lemons, bring the drinks. Take body shots and get sexy with Dani Pepper weed lube.

Lay back and literally feel all the stress fly away from your body. That’s what sex is; a release. Men get it all the time. ALL. THE. TIME. Dani Pepper marijuana lube enables women to have the same kind of cleansing, only deeper.

Forget what is in the name- cannabis lube is not just a lubricant. With any store-bought lube, you’ll have a great orgasm. With Dani Pepper lube, your orgasms will be emotional…almost spiritual. Try it for yourself and confirm these facts.

Shop Dani Pepper THC lube in Corona today and watch your sex life transform.

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