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Anaheim is perhaps best known for Disneyland, the happiest place on earth, but it has a lot more to offer as well! For the sports enthusiast, there is year-round action: the Anaheim Ducks (NHL) and the Anaheim Angels (MLB) both have awe inspiring stadiums in downtown Anaheim. 

If the great outdoors is more your thing, you must visit Oak Canyon Nature Centre. Timing your visit for dusk will allow you to experience a gorgeous sunset among tall trees and singing birds. Don’t forget to pack the mosquito repellent!

When in Anaheim, you feel a rush of excitement that takes you back to your younger years. Perhaps you will head to Skyzone for a quick game of Ultimate Dodgeball. From there you might want to head over to K1 Speed for Drift Night.  

After those thrills, you might be itching to try something else. Something new. Something daring. Something like Dani Pepper’s cannabis lube. This THC infused lube is vegan, tested for purity, and most importantly, will help you achieve a thrill like no other.  Will you take the plunge?  

Buy THC Lube in Anaheim for your partner

When you live in Anaheim, every day is the 4th of July. Disneyland’s fireworks can be seen from our backyard, and, sometimes, we do not even notice them anymore. 

I have this feeling in my gut that my wife has been feeling that way lately too – unnoticed. She doesn’t nag me about it, but she is quieter than her bubbly self lately. We used to go on weekly dates, but we have both been so busy lately.

I decide to take the reins for tonight. We usually order-in on Fridays,  but we need some excitement! I send her a text at lunch. “Hey Babe, wanna go out for dinner tonight?”

She replies immediately “YES!”

I make a reservation at Blind Rabbit because she’s pointed it out a few times now as a hot spot. I am distracted for the rest of the day. Thankfully it is a light afternoon at the office, so I decide to leave a little early. Which is great because I need to go pick up a bottle of Dani Pepper’s cannabis lube. We had tried it on vacation last year but had forgotten it at the hotel.  I’ve been wanting to pick up another and tonight seems like the perfect night. Perhaps we will make our own fireworks later!

Buy Cannabis Lube for your First Time in Anaheim

When traveling to meet a new client, I have a ritual.

I show up a day early, settle into my room and study a city map.  I search for something not too touristy but still well known. I want to grab a few photos and be able to talk about some local hot spots with the client.  

Luckily, Anaheim had the perfect fit. The Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodel Center (ARTIC) is a public transportation hub with stunning lighting.

From my hotel room, it’s a short trip on the OCTA bus. I grab a few essentials and hop on the next one. As soon as we pull up I could see why it is called the place to get an ultimate selfie!

Once inside, I whipped out my phone and start taking some cute ‘look away’ shots. Then I see another woman doing the same thing!

I walk over, take a deep breath and introduce myself. I ask her to take my picture. Turns out she is not from Anaheim either, and she agrees to take pictures of me only if I will do the same for her. I told her she had a deal!  

We went for a walk along the Saint Ana river, taking beautiful photos and a few silly ones too. It’s been a fun day! We exchange communication info and promise to share travel tips.

Just before saying goodbye, she passed me a sleek bottle and said: “I love this stuff. It helps me relax after a long day – even the fun ones.” 

It was Dani Pepper’s Cannabis Oil. Intrigued, I whipped out my phone and did a Google search. This weed-infused lube is exactly what I had been looking for. Dryness relief in a pure formula, with the sensations of THC to increase the pleasure of your orgasm. Wow!

I thank my new friend and we hug goodbye. Back at my hotel, I give it a test spin. She was so right. Moving forward, I think I might have to add a new step to my travel ritual.

Buy THC Lube for a One Night Stand in Anaheim

Ding! Please take your seats.

I had never tried speed dating before. But, after my latest mishap on tinder, I deleted all of my dating apps and profiles.  

Honestly, I got a little overwhelmed and It all felt like a whirr. Once I chatted with the last guy, I was happy to grab my stuff and head for the door. Then I feel a tap on the shoulder.  I turned around to see the cute guy from seat four.

His name was Chris, and we joked around a lot about how we ended up at the speed dating event. It turns out we have a lot in common.

We headed to Mini Monster at the Anaheim Packing District for coffee. The questions get more personal. We start talking about fantasies. I tell him about one I had been thinking of. 

I ask him, “Have you ever tried Dani Pepper’s cannabis lube? I have some back at my place.” His eyes lit up, and we headed to my apartment.

Where we went to next can only be described as stratospheric heights. This weed lube provided relaxation I had never felt before – leading to intensely pleasurable orgasms.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Foria Vs Dani Pepper: Anaheim’s Favourite THC Lube

When you visit Anaheim, it may stir up memories from your past; nostalgia seeps into the city. However, it is also a great place to make new memories. 

Carnal moments that will replay in your mind’s eye for years. The perfect addition to these moments is  Dani Pepper’s Cannabis Lube. The benefits are clear: decreased tension and sexual enhancement, in a THC-infused love potion that is certified vegan and independently tested for purity.

It is similar to other products in the market right now, such as Foria’s Arousal Oil. It’s an exciting time for female cannabis users! It is so great to have a choice. As female business owners, we want all women to feel like the #boss of their own universe. Try Dani Pepper today to feel that unleashed power. 

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