Buy Cannabis Suppositories in San Francisco

Buy Cannabis Suppositories in San Francisco

Cannabis, THC, Weed, and Pot are all names for marijuana. Marijuana can enter your body in a number of different ways from smoking to eating, and suppositories can be added to that list. THC Suppositories are hot right now in San Francisco. Cannabis suppositories come in two different types – rectal suppositories and vaginial suppositories. Both have many benefits, and can be used from everything to helping with medical conditions, treating menstrual pain and improving your sex life!

Buy Suppositories in San Fransisco

Cannabis Suppositories for sex in San Francisco

You can use cannabis suppositories to improve your sex life! Using THC suppositories can help you increase the comfort and pleasure of both vaginal and anal sex! Our cannabis suppositories are formulated and crafted to provide you with muscle relaxing, sensual-enhancing properties of cannabis, whilst at the same time promoting full body relaxation. You’ll be able to enhance pleasure during both vaginal and anal sex!

Our suppositories are a great alternative to substances such as nitrite. Also known as amyl nitrite and poppers. The Discreetly Baked Suppisority is a all natural-medicine that provides localized relief to the rectal region, it also provides full body relaxation without any harmful numbing effects!

As well as reducing pain, another big advantage of cannabis suppositories is that their bioavailability (rate of absorption) is two to three times faster than eating or smoking! This is the most effective way to deliver cannabis into the body, and for this reason Discreetly Baked have designed more than one type of suppository!

Cannabis Suppositories in San Francisco for menstrual relief

Cannabis suppositories can be used for a number of different reasons, one of those is to provide menstrual relief! THC suppositories work to provide local muscular relaxation and inflammation relief. Discreetly Baked have designed suppositories so you can experience soothing, tension alleviating effects of CBD and THC.

Discreetly Baked suppositories for menstrual relief are formulated with only the finest ingredients. This means that they provide direct, local relief. The vagina and rectum can absorb THC and CBD, and the absorption process allows muscles to relax, providing localized relief from discomfort and inflammation.

Again, when compared with edibles and smoking marijuana suppositories will work much faster to generate benefits. Residents of San Francisco use cannabis suppositories to ease stomach cramps and period pains!

How to use Cannabis Suppositories in San Francisco

  1. Once you go to your San Francisco local dispensary make sure to store the suppository in your fridge.
  2. This helps them stay firm.
  3. Insert the suppository in the desired area
  4. Wait for the suppository’s effects to kick in

Where to buy Cannabis Suppositories in San Francisco

You can buy thc suppositories at your local dispensary, use our store locator to find your closest marijuana dispensary today!

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