Find your balance with Balance CBD.Enjoy CBD tinctures, edibles, suppositories, topicals, vapes, JUUL compatible pods, pet products, and drinks.

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The world’s most sought after cannabis. It’s the Official BC Bud.

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Live life to the fullest with BudderWeeds. Enjoy recreational edibles, medicinals, concentrates, and CBD products.

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Dani Pepper creates female-focused, premium CBD and THC products. Indulge in cosmetics, suppositories, lube, and lifestyle products.

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For refined cannabis experiences, get Discreetly Baked. Luxuriate in high-end edibles, medicinals, concentrates, and CBD products.

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Budderweeds: good times, great cannabis! We produce high-quality THC and CBD products for the legal recreational market. We not only have our Budderweeds house brand, but are also excited to carry Balance CBD, Discreetly Baked, Dani Pepper, and BC Bud. More than that, we create unique cannabis experiences with each product — a lifestyle with each brand. We’ve been in the cannabis industry since the 1990s and fully embrace our humble grassroots beginnings as we continue to nurture our following around the globe. The BudderWeeds collection is available at finer licensed dispensaries, government agencies, and online in select legal markets.