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Best CBD Oil for Sleep | Balance CBD

This like this is a game-changer. We are the dreamers of dream living,life spinning like a merry-go-round, traveling around the world you know he,gets around it’s the one and only you,just to grab del to drop he’s my number,one homie subscribed okay what’s going,on let me tell you this like everywhere,everywhere look it’s all about CBD oil, CBD oil everyone’s about it and it seems,to be like the thing to be taking and,but nobody knows a lot about it.

I’ll tell you this that I’ve tried tons of, different CBD oils. Balance CBD has the best cbd oil for sleep I’ve done some in the,past because I wanted to review so my,head some people asked me to review CBD, oils and so I tried several different products. and I didn’t feel a dramatic,difference like I felt a little bit,better like just a tiny bit but not,enough for me to spend I don’t know,50-100 dollars a bottle depending on,which one and that was another thing,like a lot of the bottles didn’t have,how much CBD was in it didn’t know.

Best CBD oil for sleep

I didn’t have any information about what,was in the product and so I was taking,stuff just on faith and then I would,give it a couple weeks to see if it made,any difference and the few that I tried,did not make a difference and I really,was ready to give up on CBD just because,to me like I needed to see dramatic,results for you know the dollars,invested so I tried one based on a,recommendation from a friend and it’s,called consciously calm and the only,reason I’m making this video is because,this is the first CBD oil that.

I’ve taken where I can feel a damn difference,like I can feel a difference when I take,it and I’ve been taking it for 3-4 weeks,now and I wanted to give it some time,before I really got into it because I,wanted to thoroughly experience what was,going on with the calm product now let,me tell you I’ve been taking it in the,morning.

I’ve been taking it again in the,evening I think 100% it helps with sleep,I’ll notice right off the bat my sleep,has been so much better and it’s not,just based on antidotal evidence it’s,really based on quantified analytics and,it comes from my aura range so I have an,order ring and I want to do a little,more,til review about the ordering at some,point but I’ll tell you the or ring will,track your REM sleep its Rex your deep,sleep and it really shows you how you’re,going through all your cycles since,being on this this past month I’ve,noticed my deep sleep is so much better,and your deep sleep is when you get the,muscle repair that’s when and of course,me and Dan we’ve been lifting weights so,hard we’ve been putting in so much,exercise effort I mean I’m trying to,bulk up trying to I’m trying to do all,the things and we’ve been hanging it so,hard that I’ve been sore almost all the,damn time but this month I’ll tell you,that,because I think my sleep is getting so,much better based on with the ordering,saying I think I’m getting better,recovery and because the better recovery,I’m waking up less sore now I’m also,taking a little bit of the oil in the,morning and it’s supposed to help with,inflammation so any soreness that I do,have I notice if I take the oil then,around noon a lot of the inflammation or,a lot of the soreness has gone away it’s,like you know when you move around kinda,you get the kind of the oil up the,joints you feel really solid so I don’t,know what exactly is the dynamic,happening we’re there with the best CBD oil for sleep,but I’ll tell you that I’ve been on it,for about a month and sleep is just so,much better and when I take it I’ll take,about two droppers full and I’ll take,that,right before I want to go to bed maybe.

45 minutes and I start feeling heavy not,like to sedate it but just you feel,heavy like your body feels relaxed you,feel caught I mean it’s kind of it’s,called calm but you feel calm and I,could just feel like just like there’s,this weight over me like those like,weighted gravity blankets where it just,feels nice and heavy,I feel heavy like oh man if I just sit,down just lay down I’m gonna pass out,and to me that’s a great feeling because,at you know 8:45 9:00 when.

I’m trying to,wrap it up and try to go to sleep,to be able to have that feeling is ideal,and so that has been to me the biggest,thing is the biggest noticeable thing is,sleep and I’m feeling less sore,throughout the day I have some friends,or the friends who gave this to me has,really bad anxiety and she says that it,100% helps with that as well like her,anxieties down it really kind of mellows,that out and I believe it because in the,evening when I take it it calms me down,and makes me feel heavy makes me feel a.

Little I wouldn’t say tired but it likes,it ready for bed relaxed and so if you,were a person with tons of anxiety I,could see how this could help you out,so another thing that I really liked,about this consciously calm product is,that it tastes amazing now of the four,or five different CDs I’ve taken they,all taste like you’re putting lawn,clippings in your mouth you can just,taste it or they’ll bite it with some,kind of oil and it’s got a real,bitterness to it but for whatever reason.

This is using a coconut oil and stevia,and they have a lemonade flavor and they,have a peppermint flavor and the,strawberry lemonade is filler it,absolutely tastes amazing I have no,problem with it I don’t have to go and,rinse my mouth out afterwards because I,think a lot of times what happens is you,know at least with the other ones,they’re really harsh so I’m chasing it,with something getting it down my system,and I think if it were to sit a little,bit more sublingually that it would soak,in a little bit better the bloodstream,and so this I don’t have to put a chaser,I just go right after and it feels,really good I’ve got the 500 milligram,bottle so one to two drops in the,evening once you drops in the morning it.

Absolutely kills it it’s only five,calories a drop so you’re not gonna have,to worry about you know any kind of,calories or messing up your key during,like that it’s got one carb so keto is,is ideal but you know best CBD oil for sleep I’ve,become a huge fan I’ll be honest like I,really thought that it was snake oil,that was not gonna be a thing it was,gonna be a big issue and it was just,gonna be just something that was a,complete bow like I really thought,I was gonna be able to see both back and,the first couple months I took I think,it was a placebo like I really it felt a,little bit but it was hard to quantify,this like this is a game-changer go game,so let me tell you if you’ve been doing,the keto die and you’re looking to drive,down inflammation with that or fasting,intermittent fasting with inflammation.

I think this is the key I think this can,really work for you and Plus sleeps who,can’t use better sleep,so the cautiously calm product,strawberry lemonade hit this up we’re,out the permit now what I’m really,excited about is I just put an oar in,they have some topical lotions as well,I’ve tried other topical lotions and,they’ve really not made any difference,other than like a bengay where there’s,like the icy hot type you know where it,gets cold and hot and warm like I’ve had,some of that with best cbd oil for slee in it and it,helped but I don’t know if it was just,the you know icy hot part of that or if,it was actually the CBD,but this company has a CBD version of as,well and if it works half as good as the,actual oil and sublingually i’m,I mean it’s it’s gonna be a game-changer,for me like.

I said we’ve been hitting,the weights so hard that I can see,topically and orderly like this thing,could absolutely help us keep pushing,and pushing forward because that’s what,we’re trying to do is trying to be great,every stinkin day and if you can have,these little products these little like,you know cheat codes that can help you,speed through recovery and all the,things man it’s it’s just really where,it’s at so go gain I just want to make,this quick video because I wanted to,talk about this consciously calm the CBD,oil it’s a game changer for me and I’m,all about CBD now so I’m gonna be,experimenting a lot more with some more,props I’m gonna order some more because,I have some other people that give me,some jest suggestions on other CBDs so.

I’m gonna try it all I’m gonna try them,all cuz I’m really getting into this,game but I’ll tell you so far this one,absolutely you will fill it it’s super,affordable it tastes good it’s,organically harvested it’s out of,Colorado out I think of Loveland,Colorado so I mean it’s it’s a local,it’s made in the States like everything,about it I am just a huge fan of so if,you’ve been having those aches and pains,you know you’re feeling it in the joints,and all the things give this stuff a try,just squeeze a couple drops just right,on your tongue it just goes in we’re on,our tongue hold it there a couple,minutes until it dissolves and you’ll be,filling solid let me know if you pick,this up or if there’s another CBD you’ve,been using let me know in the comments I,want to know what works what is,absolutely blasting inflammation on your,body what’s making you feel good go gang,check this out link in the description,you can pick it up and you can score,yourself some of the finest CBD that,I’ve ever tried go gang until tomorrow,be think I’m gonna take one extra. Balance CBD.

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