All You Need to Know About The Dosidos Strain

Dosidos, pronounced Do-Si-Dos, is the popularly used indica dominant hybrid strain, which has many great qualities  and resembles the popular Girl Scout Cookies strain in bud structure and its effects. The flavour of the Dosidos strain is what typically attracts cannabis smokers and this is actually inherited from the GSC Strain. You can experience a […]

Seth Rogen Weed | Houseplant | BudderWeeds

Seth Rogen’s House Plant Seth Rogen is teaming up with Canopy Growth and Even Goldberg to launch his own recreational cannabis brand called Houseplant. Apparently, the company will launch after years of hard worth. In an interview Seth said that it “will make it easier for people to learn to love cannabis as much as […]

Florin Wellness Centre

Florin Wellness Centre At Florin Wellness Center your fulfillment is their first need. Their clients are family, and they take a stab at a fun loosened up environment. They invest heavily in exceptional client care. Their benevolent and proficient staff are accessible to answer the majority of your cannabis related inquiries. They offer pre-arranges through […]

The Seed Group

The Seed Group The Seed Group say they are the leading marketing design group in California that specializes in cannabis marketing. They say that they know how to execute and curate highly personalized and creative packaging design, event videography, text marketing services, and many other effective marketing strategies that will work businesses in the cannabis […]

bSeen Everywhere

bSeen Everywhere bSeen are everyday people living active lifestyles. They meet, they greet, they converse, run, dance, sing, play, work and volunteer in their communities. There is no stereotype. bSeen’s dedicated team is blended from backgrounds in education, health & fitness, retail, service, hospitality and the cannabis industry. Their leadership team brings decades of business […]

Cheech’s Private Stash

 Cheech’s Private Stash Cheech Marin the man behind the brand Cheech’s Private Stash has been a key member in the cannabis community since his iconic movie with Tommy Chong in 1978’s Up In Smoke and became the true cannabis culture icon for people around the world. Soon thereafter, the comedy legend launched his career involving […]

Choom Holdings Inc

Choom Holdings Inc Choom is all about cultivating good times with friends. At its core Choom Holdings Inc is dedicated upon being a lifestyle brand for many who love weed smoking. This fact makes it stand alone in the crowd and competition in the industry. Choom is now focused towards selling experience instead of just […]

Real Releaf

Real Releaf - Hemp Oil CBD Products | BudderWeeds

Hemp Oil CBD Products by Real Releaf Real Releaf are a company that don’t just stand by their products, they also stand for education. When you buy Real Releaf’s products, you know exactly what you’re putting into your body. Once you try their products, you’ll understand why one product doesn’t work and why another does. […]