Microdosing 101 : What is Microdosing?

What is Microdosing? Microdosing is the practice of enjoying a very small serving size of THC, allowing you to work your way up to your personalized desired effects while avoiding any unwanted effects of overconsumption.   Why Microdose? Microdosing allows you to easily regulate the effects of THC by controlling and monitoring your dosage size. […]

CBD Vaporizer Pens

  CBD Cannabidiol, also known as CBD,  is one of the most important compounds in the whole marijuana plant due to the significant benefits which are often best absorbed into the body via vaporization. This has people all over asking Where to buy CBD vaporizers online in Canada. We have your answer HERE.    What […]

Online Dispensaries and Mail Order Marijuana: Whats Deal?

Online Dispensaries and Mail Order Marijuana: What’s Deal?  Many people new to using a Canadian mail order marijuana service wonder about the authenticity or safety of purchasing their cannabis over the internet and having it shipped to their door through the mail.  Did you know the only way the only legal way for Licensed Producers […]