Your Guide to Marijuana Edibles

  Marijuana edibles are an easy starting point for a lot of newcomers to the cannabis game. You don’t have to roll it, you don’t have to carb it and you don’t have to dab it. But you should know a little about cannabis and edibles before you start chomping down on every magic muffin […]

What is NORML?

The National Organization For Marijuana Legalization, or NORML, is a not for profit organization tasked with the responsibility of supporting and catalyzing the fight for legal cannabis-based in the United States. With over 40 years of experience navigating these troubled waters, NORML prides itself on providing “a voice for those Americans who oppose marijuana prohibition” […]

Cannabis and Your Pet – Plus 4 Marijuana Companies Focused on Your Best Friend

By Brittany Driver Cannabis and Your Pet What would you try to help your sick dog or cat? Options are limited and expensive when it comes to treating a chronically ill animal. Cannabis is being more and more widely accepted as a viable medicine for humans, but what about our pets? Much like the science of […]

Nicolas Trainerbees

What do you get when you cross a cannabis user with a real animal geek? You get Nicolas Trainerbees. Nicolas is a long time marijuana user and can remember having an interest in animals – and nature in general – from a very early age. Now, Nicolas is getting some serious attention from the media […]

Would you eat this $300 brownie edible?

Cannabis infused edibles are, well, freaking amazing. You can eat and get high at the same time…there are not too many other better combinations. A student at the University of the West Indies in Jamaica is using the booming edibles market to her advantage by making and selling some very potent, and fairly expensive, cannabis-infused brownies. And she is […]

15 famous dads who love marijuana

Here’s a shout out to some of pop culture’s most famous marijuana misters. Maybe they smoke now. Maybe they did it in the past. Maybe they have passed. Whatever the case we say right on right on right on to these 15 pro-pot patriarchs. 1. Mr. Branson Richard Branson doesn’t mince words when it comes to his thoughts on the […]

No easy answers about cannabis use and breastfeeding

Cannabis is exploding all over the world with a here-to-stay attitude, so you’d better get used to it. I don’t see the reversal of legalization happening anytime soon, and the money keeps rolling in. I believe the applicable phraseology is “cha-ching.” What I’m hearing from the more conservative public about the spread of legal weed […]

Budderweeds Cannabis Products Will be Carried by the SAQ

With the legalization of recreational cannabis only a few months away, Bill 157 which established the SQA or the Société Québécoise du Cannabis was adopted last month. The SQA is a government established corporation that will be responsible for trade of cannabis within the province of Quebec. This means that cities such as Montreal and […]

Budderweeds Cannabis Oils and Dried Flowers Is Now Within Your Reach

Research shows that concentrates and marijuana provide many remarkable health benefits. In fact, lots of states in the US legalize the use of this recreational cannabis. This coming October 17, 2018, cannabis products can now be obtained by Canadian users without the restriction of law. Owing to this development, a lot of provinces in Canada […]