How To Have The Best Orgasm with Weed Lube: Cannabis & THC Sex Lube Reviews


Cannabis Lube & Cannabis Intimacy Spray: The Ultimate Review You can have the best orgasm with weed lube. Some people have reported having their longest and best orgasm ever, all thanks to cannabis lube! To experience an intense orgasm, all you need to do is go to a dispensary located in a state where weed […]

The Best Cannabis Lube of 2019: Kush Queen vs Dani Pepper

It seems like every consumer niche has their reticules set on cannabis. Just the other day I saw an advertisement for THC-infused nail polish. Seriously? There’s no doubt that cannabis has untapped potential, but with this potential comes a slew of products that don’t quite hit the mark.  Unwitting customers can buy THC- or CBD-based […]

The Best Cannabis Lube of 2019: Foria vs Dani Pepper

Like peanut butter and chocolate or hot beaches and cold beers, cannabis and sex are a perfect pair. The heightened pleasure response you feel with THC and CBD cannot be mistaken. This isn’t a new realization. There’s a host of companies that have taken up concocting amorous potions and sex salves. One of the biggest […]

The Best Weed Lube to Buy in 2019: Velvet Swing and Dani Pepper

As states across America shed their antiquated fears and misjudgments about cannabis, we’re seeing new and exciting products hit the web weekly. While scientists and health practitioners are busy concocting ways it can ease your aching knees and sleepless nights, I’m thrilled over what THC and CBD can do for your sex life. I’ve adopted […]

Best CBD Oil for Sleep

Best CBD Oil for Sleep | Balance CBD

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