In the past, there may have been fewer ways of consuming the marijuana flower in Edmonton, especially for medical users, but marijuana research firms like Organigram continuously research on the marijuana flowers and its components. This means marijuana flower enthusiasts in Edmonton, and other places in the world can be flexible with the way they consume the marijuana flower.

I would always say even if a gun is placed to my head, that I prefer the vaporizers. I don’t know if it is the class that Organigram added to their variant or its portability that lets me carry it round Edmonton.

This doesn’t mean your favourite should be vaporizers. Hell, you might not have a favourite, but end up loving all of them.

Marijuana products, seen in Organigram, can now be ingested in any food, as it now has THC, CBG, CBD, and CBN. There are now oils, and sprays and a lot of items created from the marijuana.

Your choice on your best form of consuming the marijuana flower should be based on your preferences, its strength, price, health and so on.

Following some methods listed by Organigram, we can discuss some of them below.

Marijuana can be inhaled, ingested or injected into the bloodstream through other means.

Inhaling the smoke from the marijuana flower is one of the oldest ways of consuming its products.

This is one of the easiest and fastest ways of injecting the THC into your bloodstream. Since the THC enters through your body via your lungs, it swims down into the bloodstream quicker.

Once the THC enters your bloodstream, it reaches your brain in a matter of few seconds.

Though smoking is the quickest method of delivery, it’s also the most damaging to the lungs .

Smoking it, though one of the fastest and oldest modes of getting it to your bloodstream quicker, is known to be damaging to the lungs because other materials like paper that affect the lungs sensitive tissues are inhaled.

Joints, and blunts are both well known ways of delivering it to the system. Many medical users in Edmonton make use of this method. The blunt is different from joints, as they are rolled with cigar papers, while joints are rolled with cigarette papers. Blunts are thicker, holding more marijuana flowers compared to the slimmer joint. Apart from that, they are similar.

Some marijuana users opt for the Pipes And Bowls, as they are easy and very quick to use. Place the marijuana flower, and strike the match stick. Voila, let the inhaling begin.

Bongs and bubblers are similar, as a bubbler is the miniature size of the bong, which can fit in one’s pocket. The bong is one of the most respected ways to consumer dried flower among the marijuana users and Edmonton users are not left out. Some users leave the bong as decoration, barely puffing with it.

Vaporizing is my favourite because of its healthy features. Organigram vaporizers are heated but not burnt. This is considered safe, because it removes any pain from my throat or lungs from being exposed to burnt organic matter and heat.


These are but a few ways of consuming the Marijuana Flower. I might have stated my preference, but that must not be yours. Go out and explore all that there are. Check out Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis today!