You won’t find cannabis oil at your local essential oil shop. Cannabis oil is, as the name suggests, made from cannabis. Which means this is a drug and is still illegal in many countries. However, lucky for Calgary residents, cannabis dried flower and cannabis oil is legal in Canada since 17Th October 2018. That too for purely recreational purposes!


Shops like Alberta Cannabis are open franchises in Calgary. ABCann global will be distributing cannabis products in these shops. These shops are also going to offer products made by Budderweeds as well! Budderweeds is supposedly the best company for cannabis products used purely for recreational purposes. They not only offer dried flower cannabis, but also cannabis oil which is commonly used for medicinal purposes. However, Budderweeds’ cannabis oil will only be for recreational purposes.

Everyone is aware of what dried flower cannabis is. Here are some things you need to know about cannabis oil.

Cannabis Oil

You must have heard people refer to cannabis oil as THC oil or CBD oil, hashish oil, honey oil, hemp oil, marijuana oil, butane hash oil, etc. Most stoners use these terms. They don’t realise that every term has a different meaning and substances. Even though all of them are made from cannabis.

So what is cannabis oil other than an umbrella term? To answer this, you have to understand what cannabis is.

Cannabis is a plant genus with two main strains: indica and sativa. Also referred to as marijuana, these strains are used to get high and also used for medicinal purposes. Hemp is often confused as a cannabis product used to get high. Hemp is extracted from sativas for industrial purposes. While marijuana and hemp are extracted from the same plant genus, they are different species. The difference lies in the cannabinoid content. Hemp contains a greater content of cannabidiol and a lower content of tetrahydrocannabinol. Whereas marijuana has higher THC content and lower CBD.

The main reason cannabis oil differs from dried flower is because of the cannabinoid content in it. THC gets you high whereas CBD is associated with medicinal properties. Extracting them from the cannabis plant in a concentrated form makes it more potent. Hence, cannabis oil can be used to get high and also help cure some medical problems.

How To Extract Cannabis Oil

The process is extensive when extracting cannabis oil for medicinal purposes. However, some people can extract it at home simply as well. All they need is a solvent. For example, ethanol or olive oil. Once the oil is extracted, the solvent evaporates.

You don’t have to go through the lengthy process of extracting the oil. ABCann Global distributes cannabis oil for recreational purposes.

ABCann Global will also distribute various dried flower strains of cannabis. Indica, sativa and various hybrid strains well. All these BUdderweeds products are of high quality and will be widely available in Calgary. Make sure you get your fix from Budderweeds. You won’t be sorry! Check out Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis today!