A Complete Guide to Buying Recreational Weed Online in Canada


Unless you are living under a rock you have probably heard that recreational cannabis is now fully legal in Canada. It’s a monumental occasion and one worth celebrating- and what better way than with some quality weed!

However, a lot of people are understandably confused about how to buy their weed online. Buying recreational cannabis online in Canada is quite different to buying at a store or medical cannabis dispensary. Plus, the fact there are different rules and procedures in each province makes the buying process somewhat confusing.

So, to make things easier we’ve created a complete guide on where to buy weed online anywhere in Canada. All provinces and territories are covered, so if you want to know where to buy cannabis online where you live then check it out!

Can I Buy Weed Online in Canada?

Yes, although there are restrictions that limit the number of legal online stores selling recreational cannabis. For example, most of the provinces only let you buy weed online from government-run stores, although there are some that do have private online retailers.

There are other obvious restrictions you would expect when buying weed online, such as age restrictions and the amount of weed you can buy at one time. In most cases, you must be 19 but there are some provinces where the legal age to buy weed online is 18, while Quebec aims to raise the age to 21.

How to Buy Weed Online in Canada

Buying weed online in Canada is quite straight-forward. Simply visit the appropriate recreational online retailer in your province and create an account to start buying.

It’s like buying anything online, where you need to provide personal information such as your name, age, address, contact information, and payment information. This information is necessary to verify the age of the buyer and for standard e-commerce practices like delivering products, making returns, refunds etc.

Where to Buy Weed Online in Canada

Where you buy weed online in Canada depends entirely on your location. Each province and territory have their own online retailers designated for online cannabis sales. If you want to buy cannabis online from a legal retailer, it will be one of the following websites listed below.

As legislation is relatively new, changes are expected in the future, such as an increase in recreational online stores that are privately owned and operated. For now, most are government-run stores.


Alberta – Alberta Cannabis

There is only one website to buy weed legally online in Alberta, Alberta Cannabis which is a government-run retail store. To start buying cannabis online at Alberta Cannabis you must create a profile and have your aged verified to ensure you are 18.

After getting verified you are free to buy weed online at Alberta Cannabis. The weed is grown from licensed producers and you’re allowed up to 30g per purchase. There is a nice selection of strains from various cannabis brands, with dry flower, oils, and pre-rolls available.

British Columbia – BC Cannabis Store

British Columbia has a single government-run online store, BC Cannabis Store, making it the only place to legally buy weed online in BC. You must be 19 to buy weed online at BC Cannabis Store and can buy 30g per transaction.

To verify your age two forms of ID are required. This includes one issued by a government agency that includes name, date of birth, and a photograph. The second ID requires an imprint of your name, signature and/or a photo. These are shown when you receive cannabis from BC Cannabis Store.

Manitoba – Delta 9 Cannabis, Tweed, Tokyo Smoke

Manitoba is one of the few provinces that have private-run online recreational cannabis stores. This means there are a few places to buy weed online in Manitoba – Delta 9 Cannabis, Tweed, and Tokyo Smoke.

Each company is a cannabis brand selling their own products, but their online stores in Manitoba stock cannabis from other brands too. You must be 19 and provide photo ID to buy weed online at each of these recreational stores in Manitoba.

New Brunswick – Cannabis NB

Residents of New Brunswick looking to buy weed online can do so at Cannabis NB. This government-run website is the only online retailer of recreational cannabis in New Brunswick. Anyone buying cannabis online here must be 19 and provide a valid government issued photo ID to verify this.

A useful aspect of this site is someone else can accept your delivery if you aren’t home. This is providing they are over 19 and have ID, while it can be held for pick-up if nobody is available to accept on your behalf.

Newfoundland and Labrador – Cannabis NL

Cannabis NL is currently the only place to legally buy weed online in Newfoundland and Labrador. This government-run website has an age restriction of 19 with government-issued photo ID required upon delivery. Packages are only accepted by a signature from someone of legal age aren’t left anywhere outside should nobody be available.

Nova Scotia -NSLC Cannabis

Nova Scotia uses a rather unique system to buy weed online in the province. This includes first going to an NSLC retail store to get an online access code, which is needed to even browse the website. After getting the code you go to NSCL Cannabis, a government-run website, and enter the code to use the site, after which you can buy a range of cannabis products.

When visiting an NSCL retail store to get the access code you need to provide photo ID to prove you’re at least 19. There are dozens of retail stores that provide the access code, so finding one in Nova Scotia should be easy.

Ontario – Ontario Cannabis Store

Despite its size, there is still only one place to buy weed online in Ontario at the Ontario Cannabis Store. This is a government run website and one of the most-used since legalization, as there is only one brick-and-mortar store.

So, if you want to buy weed in Ontario, you’ll be using Ontario Cannabis Store for the foreseeable future. It’s like most other online weed stores in Canada, with an age restriction of 19 and a signature required to accept your package.

Quebec – Société québécoise du cannabis

Quebec currently has some of the strictest laws regarding recreational cannabis. For instance, the province has only government-owned retailers, whether online or in-store, with the only place to buy weed online in Quebec being Société québécoise du cannabis.

Prince Edward Island – PEI Cannabis

Residents of Prince Edward Island can buy their weed online at PEI Cannabis. This government-run website offers a range of cannabis products that are available to people aged 19+. You can use your permanent account for more convenient when buying here but’s possible to purchase with just a guest account.

Saskatchewan – Jimmy’s Cannabis, Fire and Flower, Lush Leaf Cannabis, New Leaf Emporium, Eden

Saskatchewan is the only other province along with Manitoba to have privately run websites selling weed online. There are five different websites you can use to buy weed online in Saskatchewan, giving residents an impressive range of products across each store.

The five websites selling weed online in Saskatchewan are Jimmy’s Cannabis, Fire and Flower, Lush Leaf Cannabis, New Leaf Emporium, and Eden. All carry a range of different branded cannabis products, although some stores have yet to launch online products. Prices vary on each site too, with varying fees per weight and for delivery.


Yukon – Cannabis Yukon

Yukon follows a similar approach to selling weed online as most provinces, doing so through government-run website Cannabis Yukon. Various products are available here, including oils, dried flower, and pre-roll joints. You must be at least 19 to buy cannabis online in Yukon through the official website.


Nunavut – Tweed (private – granted by gov)

Nunavut is much the same as Yukon, with only the one website selling cannabis online. This website is actually operated by the private cannabis brand Tweed after being awarded the contract by the local government.

To buy weed online in Nunavut, you need to visit Tweed’s official website, set your location as Nunavut, which then grants access to the online store which is found under the ‘shop’ tab.

Tweed doesn’t stock just its own branded cannabis however, with other recreational brands available on the website. The legal age to buy cannabis online in Nunavut is 19.

Northwest Territories – Not Available Online

Unfortunately, there is no way to buy weed online in the Northwest Territories. Should you wish to purchase recreational cannabis legally in the Northwest Territories, you need to do so through licensed liquor stores.

There is no word on whether this will change in the future but for the time being, you need to buy at a suitable liquor store. This is understandably inconvenient, so hopefully, a legal online store becomes available sooner than later.