With the holiday coming up, I’ve made up a list of some great, unique gift ideas for all the super special cannabis lovers out there! The ideas may seem more geared towards youe ‘cannafriends’ but they are not limited to those who use cannabis at all. Some of the listed gift ideas can help your friends gain the relaxing, healing benefits of cannabis without any of the main psychoactive chemical THC, which causes the feeling of being ‘high’.

Infused Tea

Who doesn’t enjoy a good cuppa? Cannabis infused teas are great gift ideas for any friend who needs a little extra help relaxing or getting to sleep at night. Subtle Tea’s CBD Lemon Ginger Tea is an anti-inflammatory powerhouse. Boasting ingredients such as turmeric, ginger root, and lemon peel, this 1:1 THC to CBD tea packet will calm your nerves while it soothes tired muscles, sore backs, or achy joints. Pair this tea with a high CBD pre-roll to maximize the benefits derived from this star cannabinoid. CBD is one of the many different cannabis compounds found in the plant that has very important medical benefits such as relief from inflammation, pain, anxiety and insomnia.


Infused Bath Bombs

Women have long since found one of the best places to unwind and find peace was while having a nice long, hot soak in the tub. Infused bath bombs like THC-infused @cannabombs and CBD-infused CBDelish CBD Bath Bombs make great gifts for all of your friends and family. Why settle for Lush when you can get your friend a bath bomb that offers the relaxation they deserve!

CBD Bath Bomb


Terpene Candles

What pairs great with a bath? Candles! They set the relaxing tone to a quiet, peaceful and unwinding soak. Kush Candles produces soy-wax and hemp seed-oil candles that are infused with organic terpenes. The below pictured White Widow candle offers both linalools, known most for it’s anti-anxiety and anti-depressive effects, and myrcene, known most for it’s pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects. Each candle represents a different strain, with different scents and terpenes to go with them! This is the ultimate gift pairing with an infused bath bomb, allowing your friend to have the best spa day right at home!

CBD Kush Candles



Do you have a friend who suffers from pain, inflammation, anxiety, tremors or any of these other ailments or symptoms? Tinctures are one of the best ways for anyone to medicate themselves, whether a cannabis user or not. Both CBD and THC tinctures are available from companies such as Dixie Botanicals, which offer the ease of medicating by just dropping the tincture under the tongue.


CBD Isolate

Another great gift idea for any friend who may experience pain, anxiety, inflammation or any of the other symptoms and ailments that CBD helps with, is CBD isolate. Dixie Botanicals carries 1 gram CBD isolate sourced from hundred percent organic non-GMO hemp, meaning its extracted from the male cannabis plant, which contains no psychoactive chemicals whatsoever. The isolate can be put into food, drinks, added your favourite skin care products and can even be dabbed or added to a joint! If your friend isn’t a fan of tea, doesn’t feel comfortable taking a tincture or just has particular tastes, than this is for them. CBD isolate gives the freedom to add CBD to any of their own favourite products without having to try something new!


Smoking Apparatuses

If your friend enjoys smoking cannabis, then a beautiful smoking apparatus is a great gift idea to brighten up their daily smoke! My Bud Vase offers a gorgeous and unique spin on the bong, the below vase “Harmony” just an example of some of the beautiful pieces they have to offer. Crystal Pipes are also a very chic, hip and new thing right now and would be a great gift for any mother who has a more spiritual side. Gemstone pipes come in many different types of stone, from Rose Quartz to Labradorite; each stone holding different ‘energies’ and properties, making it so you can find a stone that best represents your friend to make the gift extra special!

Aurora Bong My Bud Vase


Beauty Products

With the use of CBD becoming more and more mainstream, we have begun to see even beauty products utilizing its benefits! KANA lavender sleep mask is one of such products, bringing together CBD and many other essential oils for a natural, luxurious product fit for any friend or family member you want to spoil this holiday! Herb Essntls offers a wonderful sativa-seed oil based moisturizer, with no THC or CBD,  for the everyday mother who may be wary of using CBD products.

CBD Body Lotion Herb Essntls



Many people enjoy dressing up in chic jewelry. If your friend enjoys a joint more than anything, the above golden triangle roach clip necklace would make the absolute perfect gift. With both beauty and function in mind, another perfect gift for the joint loving or smoking friend would be this smoke ring, allowing them to relax and light up in style!

Cannabis Jewelry

… A Card!

What is a gift without a great card? For your Cannafriend, a Kush Kard is a must. With places to put buds, joints and blunts on these canna-cute cards, they are sure to make any toking friend’s holiday!

Hopefully, this list has helped give you some great ideas for gifts to get for all of your wonderful friends in your life whether they enjoy cannabis or not! Treat your friends and family right this year and give them something from the list to pamper themselves with and I’m sure they will be thanking you! Happy Holidays 2018!

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